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Can Sample Residency Personal Statements Help You?

educational valueAs an International Medical Graduate (IMG) you will be facing a huge amount of competition when applying through ERAS for a residency place. The majority of those applying will fail to be awarded a place. So knowing how to write a great medical residency personal statements is very important if you are going to get your application noticed by the committee.

If you look at our internal medicine personal statement samples you will see the high standard of writing that will be expected of you and your writing. Unless you can provide them with something that at least matches the quality of our IMG personal statement sample then you are likely to be overlooked during the application phase.

Our IMG residency services can help you to study in US teaching hospitals. We can help you by showing you everything from an MSPE Dean’s letter sample and CV IMG residency sample through to tips and advice for writing that outstanding personal statement.

How Can You Use Internal Medicine Personal Statement Samples?

teaching hospitalsOur foreign medical graduate resume sample and personal statement samples offer you a good idea of what your own application really needs to look like if you are going to get called for an interview. Our examples provide you with a great insight into how your writing should be performed and the areas that you will need to cover. They also provide you with all of the help that you need to see how your writing should be formatted while providing you with inspiration for your own writing.

One thing you cannot do with any internal medicine personal statement samples, however, is to simply copy them. This is likely to be caught and even if it were not it would still be ineffective. Your statement must be written about you and for the greatest chance of getting you a place should be clearly tailored toward the residency you really want for US admission.

Adolescent Medicine
Geriatric Medicine
Maternal-Fetal Medicine
Sleep Medicine
Nephrology, etc.

How to Write an Effective IMG Personal Statement

preclinical yearsLooking at our MSPE letter sample and personal statement examples will show you what your own should look like but you still need some guidance as to what you should be covering and how. The following tips for writing a personal statement that will be effective for ERAS applications will support you with your writing:

  • Always carefully review the information available for the residency that you are applying for and carefully tailor your statement so that it shows exactly what they are looking for from an applicant.
  • Work carefully on your opening line, this is your hook and it is required to firmly grab the attention of the reader and to make them want to learn more about you.
  • Tell a story about yourself rather than simply repeating your resume. Use an anecdote that is relevant to provide a clear framework for your writing and tell a story that is memorable.
  • Don’t just make claims without backing them up. Give concise examples and if possible quantify them to make them more impressive to the reader.
  • Never use clichés within your writing. Everything you write must be unique to you and capable of making an impact to get you noticed.
  • Don’t waste your word count on statements that are obvious, after all, they know where you are applying and that you are going to learn and grow with them.
  • Use language that anyone can understand, don’t assume that the reader is going to be an expert in your field as they may not be.
  • Don’t make excuses for any failures in your past. If there are shortcoming within your application and you are covering them within your statement ensure that you do so in a positive manner showing how you have overcome and learned from them.
  • Always talk clearly about yourself. This is a personal statement and its purpose is for them to learn about you and your motivations not to read about something else.
  • Get to the point: you have a limited amount of space within which to make an impression so make every word count. Avoid flowery speech and fluff in your writing as you will quickly lose their attention.
  • Proofread what you have written: you need to make the perfect first impression and simple mistakes should be avoided as they can sink your application.

Keep this piece of advice from Mark David Siegel the professor of Medicine at Yale School of Medicine in your mind as you write:

“Don’t exceed one page: No matter how fascinating you think you are, no one wants to read a long statement. Program directors have to examine hundreds of statements, often in long, exhausting sessions. Get to the point.”

How Can We Help with Your IMG Personal Statement Internal Medicine?

general practiceWe know how to arrange documents for your application in a way that is going to make it obvious that you are a perfect choice for their program. We use consultants that have been supporting applicants with their residency applications for many years and have the postgraduate qualifications to back up their experience.

Our services can help you with:

  • Personal statement writing: we will work directly with you to ensure that your statement is personalized and targeted directly to the residency that you want.
  • Editing of your application: poorly worded statements can lose the interest of the reader and cause you to be overlooked. Use our editing services to ensure your writing is perfect.
  • Interview coaching: if you want to ace your interview then our experts can help you to identify what you may be asked and how you should be answering.
  • ERAS documentation writing and editing: we are not limited to just your personal statement. Our experts can help you with your MSPE, resume, letters of recommendation and all other aspects of your application.

Our services are offered through direct communication with our experts to ensure the best possible results. All work is totally unique to you and will be performed in a way that will always result in you being able to confidently submit your application.

Through us you benefit from:

  • Thorough proofreading on all services performed for you free of charge
  • Writing that is unique to you and returned to you with a plagiarism report
  • Very affordable pricing with regular discounts and no hidden charges
  • Unlimited revisions to your writing and editing until you are satisfied
  • Your work is completed quickly and always on time
  • We value your privacy and offer you complete confidentiality
  • Satisfaction with your IMG personal statements or your money back

Give yourself the highest chance of gaining your place by contacting our specialized services here today to match or exceed the quality of our internal medicine personal statement samples.