How to Write a Great Medical Residency Personal Statements Q&A

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level of educationIf you are wondering how hard is it for IMG to get residency the answer is that it is tough, very tough. Places for residency are limited and as an IMG (International Medical Graduate) you will have to impress the admissions committee that much more while competing directly with graduates from the US. Most years less than half of the IMG graduates will gain a place through the Match.

Knowing how to write a great medical residency personal statements is often one of the key things to understand when making a successful application. Often there is little else to differentiate you from your competition so how well you write your statement will have a huge impact on your chances of gaining a residency match. So writing yours perfectly is how to increase probabilty to match residency for IMG applicants within the final NRMP Match. We provide you with the best residency personal statement service as well as professional support with the whole ERAS application process. By working with our professional writers and editors you will gain a significant advantage over the many other applicants boosting your chances of gaining an interview and being placed highly within the Match.

The following are some of the many questions that we get asked about our services and the answers that we have provided:

What is the correct internal medicine residency personal statement length?
A good personal statement length should be around 1 page and this is what most programs you are applying to will provide guidance. ERAS, however, will allow you to upload a statement longer than this. Writing an excessively lengthy statement is not going to help you, firstly they are unlikely to read it all and secondly even if they did you will be unlikely to provide something that will keep their full attention for too long. ERAS allows 28,000 characters as your residency personal statement word count. However, as a good guide, you should stick to around 700 words as a maximum.
How quickly can your services help write my personal statement for ERAS?
We offer a quick turnaround on all of our services. When you make your order through our site you will be able to select the time in which you need your writing to be completed. This can be just 24 hours. No matter what deadline you select we will always make sure that your service is delivered on time and that you meet any submission deadline.
What countries can you help IMG applicants from?
Ours is an online service that can be accessed from anywhere in the world and as such we can support you no matter where you are from. Our specialists have helped applicants from all corners of the world successfully so get in touch here today.
Do you know what I need to include within my personal statement for internal medicine residency?
From why internal medicine residency is your chosen area of specialism through to what skills you have to offer the program your personal statement must be able to fully reflect what committee will be looking for. Our specialists have many years experience with helping applicants and can help to ensure that your statement covers everything that may be required.
Do your writers fully understand the ERAS personal statement guidelines and what I need to write?
Yes; our staff have been helping applicants for many years and have a vast amount of experience as well as having been through the process themselves. Each is a postgraduate qualified expert in the area in which they are working and fully understands the full ERAS process as well as what individual programs will be looking to see your statement. In addition, our experts also have native level English skills and an excellent eye for understanding what should be written to get their attention fully.
Do you know how to prepare for residency interview?
How well you perform for your residency interview will have a significant impact on where you will be ranked by them on the Match. This is why we can provide you with a full coaching service to help you to develop the skills needed to ace that interview. We will work with you to see what questions you may be asked, the most impressive ways to answer those questions and even how to answer those questions that you simply cannot anticipate.
What happens if I simply do not like what has been written in my personal statement?
If you look at our internal medicine personal statement samples you will see that the standard of writing that will be expected of you is very high. If you think that what has been written for you is in any way lacking then we allow you to have an unlimited number of revisions. We work directly with you to make as many changes as you need until you are satisfied.
How should an MSPE letter be written?
While the bulk of the MSPE is written by the medical school you have graduated from there is still significant input from yourself. Our experts are highly familiar with what is required and the style of writing that is needed to make the relevant parts of your MSPE letter read perfectly for the committee.
Do I get any guarantee with my personal statement?
While no one can guarantee that you will get a place we can guarantee that you will be fully satisfied with the support that we provide. We want you to be able to make your application proudly knowing that your personal statement and any other documents will get you noticed. We fully guarantee your satisfaction and if we should not be able to correct any issue that you have we will return your money.

If you have any additional questions that you need to have answered on how to write a great medical residency personal statement or would like to use our professional and effective help just contact us here today.