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Would Your Application Benefit from Our IMG Residency Service?

medical schoolAn IMG is an International Medical Graduate, someone that has received their initial medical degree and training overseas. To practice in the US you will have to go through a residency program just the same as any other graduate. However often less than half of those applying each year for a place as an IMG will get a position.

Your US medical residency personal statement and other documents are a vital part of getting accepted into an IMG residency program. Well written you will be able to impress the committee and hopefully get yourself invited for an interview. The problem is that writing something that is impressive enough to get your application noticed over the competition you will be facing is far from simple.


Our residency help for IMG applicants has been supporting those seeking places for more than several years. Through us you will be able to gain access to consultants that know the challenges that you face and just how you can work things to your advantage to get the invite to interview that you need.

How Can We Help with Your US Medical Residency Personal Statement and Other Documents?

program and specialtyAll of your information will be uploaded through the Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS) through which you will then be able to apply to your chosen programs. They will review the information that you provide and if they like what they see will then invite you for an interview. After your interview, you will then be ranked by the program for the NRMP Match through which the actual placing will be performed. Being ranked highly is vital if you want to gain a position. Of course getting that high ranking is not easy and many students, especially those that have come from overseas will need support.

Our professional services offer a full range of help with your application through ERAS:

  • Writing your IMG residency essay and other documents: it can be hard to understand just what the committee wants to read and how to organize your thoughts in a way that will impress them. Our writers have many years of experience with the ERAS process and can ensure that all of your IMG residency documents are completed perfectly in an attention-grabbing manner.
  • Medical school personal statement review: our residency personal statement editing services can review your application essay and all of your other documents to ensure that they are going to get you noticed. Our editors are fully certified and have the experience required to help you to submit an application that will be perfectly crafted and tailored to your chosen programs.
  • Interview coaching: writing a personal statement international students is only the start of the process. If they like the look of you they will then invite you to interview. We offer a full range of coaching services to help you through this process. We can help you to brainstorm possible questions and the answers that you should provide as well as giving you all of the interview practice you may need to boost your confidence.

What IMG Residency Documents Can We Help You With?

foreign medical graduateThere are many documents need for an application to residency programs through ERAS and we can help you with them all. When you apply to US residency programs you are going to face a large amount of competition so you must make your documents outstanding.

Through our help you can get support with:

  • Letters of кecommendation: whether you are writing your own letter for endorsement by your recommender or you have been asked to write for someone we can help you. Our specialists know precisely what needs to be included in an effective letter and the style that you will need to use to impress the committee.
  • Personal statement: often considered the most important part of your application our ERAS essay writing or personal statement review services can ensure that yours stands out. Often the personal statement is your only way in which you will be able to differentiate yourself from the other applicants.
  • Resume: many programs will ask you for a resume or a CV. This will need to clearly reflect that you have the specific qualifications and experience that the program will be looking for. Our experts will be able to help you craft a perfectly tailored resume that is going to reflect just what they need to see.
  • MSPE letter: the Medical Student Performance Evaluation is not just completed by the college you have attended. There are sections such as the “unique characteristics” that will need to be completed by you against the prompts provided. Our specialists know just the areas that you will need to cover and the style of writing required to impress.
  • Follow up letters: if your application has been sent and you have not heard anything then you may be considering writing a letter to chase up your application. Our experts can help you draft a letter that will help you to chase down the interview that you are looking for.
  • Thank you letters: a well-written letter to the person that conducted your interview can help to bring your name to mind when they are doing the rankings for the Match. We know just the areas to cover to maximize the effectiveness of this letter.
  • A personal statement to apply for international scholarships: not every student has the funding they need to complete their studies. Our services can provide you with the support of an expert that will be able to help you show that you match all of the expectations of a scholarship boosting your chances of success.

Why Should You Use Our IMG Residency Help?

medical practiceWe have been helping medical students from the US and overseas throughout their education gain the places that they want. From our med school personal statement review to ERAS essay writing we are able to support you through staff that are fully qualified in the area of your application as well as having many years of experience with ERAS applications. They have the writing and English skills required to make sure that your application will fully reflect what the committee wants to see in a highly persuasive way.

Using our services is very simple indeed:

  • Complete our order form: our website is available 24/7 from anywhere in the world
  • Make payment: our services are very affordable and the payment process totally secure
  • Start working with our expert: we will review your order and assign the most appropriate of our specialists. They will contact you directly to begin working on your documents
  • Review drafts: you can download the draft and request an unlimited number of changes to your documentation
  • Take delivery: all work is proofread, a plagiarism report generated and delivered to you on time

With a full satisfaction money back guarantee provided to you in every order there really is no reason not to use our professional services for your IMG residency application. We can provide you with a significant edge for your application with everything from your documentation through to interview coaching.

Make your US medical residency personal statement and other documentation stand out with the help and support of our highly skilled and qualified consultants.